How to edit jewelry photo in photoshop

how to edit jewelry photo in photoshop

       How to edit jewelry photos using Photoshop

How to edit jewelry photo in photoshop will produce stunning results but even here one needs experience and skill to bring out the desired results. Jewelry photographs need a lot of precision while performing photo editing on them because as an advertiser one can’t allow any kind of blemish on jewelry photos. Your targeted audience will look at the jewelry photos if the photos do not show sparkle, polish, colors, and details perfectly, you are likely to lose customers. Especially it is true in the case o diamond and high-end jewelry. A question arises now about how to make your jewelry photos stand out from the crowd and make them look as good as possible.

The best way to make jewelry photos look at their finest is to choose and use Adobe Photoshop for jewelry photo editing. It is widely regarded as the best software for photo editing. Particularly for e-commerce, it is nothing less than a boon. Now coming how to edit jewelry photo in photoshop, there are several ways one can perform it. However, it has an artistic side to it, and performing the retouching on ornaments can boil down to the personal skills of an individual as well. In this blog, we will discuss some basic steps you can use to retouch and edit your jewelry photos

Steps to go about How to edit jewelry photo in photoshop:

Make adjustments to the image’s color balance:

Using color balance Photoshop is useful when editing jewelry photos. It makes them look more attractive. You can choose which color should appear in the image’s background or as a highlight.

  1. Start by opening the editing software and importing the image.
  2. Next, choose Image > Settings > Color Balance.
  3. Then, using the sliders in the box, pick which colors you like best and select OK.

Contrast and brightness adjustments:

With this configuration, you can easily improve your pictures. When it comes to adjusting brightness and contrast, Photoshop does an excellent job.:

  1. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Select Brightness/Contrast from the Adjustment Layer menu.
  3. Your brightness and contrast should be set to your preference. Click OK to save the changes.

It is also possible to create and work beneath the adjustment layer. By double-clicking half the round of the palette, you can adjust the brightness and contrast.

How to create natural shadow effects:

The natural shadow effect is essential to every gold jewelry retouching Photoshop tutorial. This enhancement is necessary to produce an excellent result. An unwanted object may annoy you. When working with the various shadow effects, it is important to give them a personal touch. Making these effects look more realistic can lead to increased sales. These effects give a greater sense of depth to the subject. They are attractive to shoppers because of the shadow effects. Photo editors create the effects that consumers want. 

how to edit jewelry photo in photoshop

Background removal using Pen tool:

It is an excellent utility tool to edit or remove the background. With the clipping path tool (Pen tool), we can remove the background from a product image. However, the subject remains intact. . Photographs edited with the help of Photoshop clipping look great and professional.

From the toolbar, choose the ‘ Pen Tool’, then import the image into Photoshop.

  1. To accomplish the same using a keyboard shortcut, press ‘P’
  2. Select ‘Path1’ as the first path
  3. Drawing a clipping path around the object is necessary
  4. To create a path, select Ctrl and click on it
  5. You can remove the background by pressing Q

Getting rid of unwanted spots and dust:

An important part of photo enhancement services is removing unwanted spots. Clear and impressive visuals are extremely important when it comes to rendering jewelry. DSLR camera always picks up the tiniest details on the product. Even a minor smudge on the jewelry photo can prove to be a difficult challenge.  

. You can edit product photos to remove unwanted blemishes, dust, and spots. You can use Adobe Photoshop’s Spot Healing Brush tool, the clone stamping tool, and the healing brush tool for this.

Why hire Retouching Visuals:

The art of photo editing has an artistic side to it along with technical expertise. If you are running an e-e-commerce platform selling jewelry, then you have no choice but to hire professionals. 

A professional in the field of editing jewelry images ensures that brilliant and polished images get created, reflections and shadows add personality to the image, and perfect removal of the dust and spots happen. A jewelry photo editing can make any ring, earring set, necklace, bangle, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry look more tempting and alluring.

In the last 10 years, Retouching Visuals has provided custom photo editing services for jewelry. Our editors can make a quick improvement to your photos. . The editors on our platform can make a quick improvement to your photos. Let us help you with jewelry photo upgrades seamlessly. Get in touch with us to upgrade your jewelry photos. You should seek out a professional photo editing company if you want excellent results. Here at our company, we can provide the best jewelry retouching services.

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