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  • E-commerce Photo Editing Services

E-Commerce Photo Editing Services

The product photo plays a crucial role in e-commerce businesses. You will generate more sales from your e-commerce site if you have more attractive photos than your competition. Ecommerce businesses need professional product images. Online shoppers’ decisions about whether or not to buy a product depend almost entirely on how the product was displayed on the website. It isn’t as simple as taking a picture and uploading it. In order to sell your products online, your images must be professionally retouched to match the competition in an increasingly competitive market. Buyers generally respond well to visually appealing websites than to dull-looking ones. Because of this, it is important to invest in good-quality images to attract buyers online. It is a wise idea to outsource your photo editing work to a professional.

What we do:

  • Photo editing services for all types of e-commerce products
  • Background removal services for online products
  • Recoloring/color correction for online products
  • Shadow/ reflection fixing for product photos editing
  • Ghost mannequin effects for product image editing
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E-commerce Product Photo Editing

In the world of e-commerce where you are going to sell your products to a large target market, it is important that your products stand out from the competition. However, you need to have the perfect photographs to attract the audience and it requires professional expertise that can elevate the overall quality of the photograph without losing any relation and detail. You do not need to gimmick but editing that is simple but at the same time works as per photos communication language and your target audience taste. Retouching visuals bring all these features to table with the help of experienced professionals and latest technologies.

What we offer:

  • Photo color correction services
  • Mannequin effects services
  • Photo shadows and reflection effects
  • Background editing and removal services
  • Object addition and removal services
  • Image re-sizing services
  • 360 degree product spin service

Apparel / Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

This technique allows businesses to achieve a unique look for apparels where mannequins become invisible from the edited photos. Since you get to see the piece of apparel without any presence of a mannequin as it becomes invisible, it is also called hollow man mannequin technique or invisible mannequin technique as well. Retouching visuals performs this sophisticated photo editing technique professionally and without any flaw. You can rely on the experience of our professionals, presence of the latest hardware and software to see the result that you always desired. Various garment industries need ghost mannequins to showcase their costumes and fabrics with their brand logo on display, Retouching visuals services can be useful to them.

What we offer:

  • Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing
  • Shadow and reflection effect for ghost mannequin
  • Ghost Mannequin neck joint service
  • Model replacement with mannequin service
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Eyewear Photo Editing

Eyewear photo editing is another product of e-commerce online selling that has picked up pace in recent years. With the help of good-looking, detailed photos of eyewear’s, the consumers are able to see the product online from a close distance. It has helped the consumers and businesses both as consumers have started to trust online brands and businesses have started earning good profits. However, photo editing has been the backbone of the e-commerce industry and the same is with the eyewear products like glasses, lens, goggles, and many other products related to eyewear. Retouching visuals provide high-quality eyewear photo editing services where the color composition, details, and reflections always look natural and attractive

What we offer

  • Clipping path for eyewear
  • Background removal for eyewear
  • Shadow/shadow effects for eyewear
  • Color correction for eyewear
  • Lenses/ frames photos editing
  • Lens reflection removal service

Footwear Photo Editing

Footwear or shoes get lots of attention from online consumers and putting images before an audience that are professionally edited is really important for business. Footwear photos need to have details, should bring forward aspects of the products from all angles, and must maintain color accuracy. But at the same time, they should look rich, bright, and with balanced shadows and reflections. The role of the background is also another factor that is really important when it comes to footwear photos. If you are searching for high-quality photo editing services for footwear in the USA you do not need to look any further than Retouching visuals. We provide reliable, competent, and modern photo retouching for footwear.

What we offer:

  • Footwear reflection editing
  • Footwear color fixing
  • Footwear photos background removal
  • Footwear 360-degree photo spin service
  • Photo enhancement for footwear
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E-commerce Image Resizing

This service may seem simple, but it is extremely important. Photographs use pixel-based images known as raster images. Cropping and resizing images can lower the quality of images. Poor The basics of how to resize an image should be understood prior to doing so. In most cases, this is used to create images according to different website requirements. For instance, Amazon has specific quotations for different images, while eBay has different size requirements. The process of resizing and cropping plays an important role in product photo editing. The advantage of cropping out unwanted frames is that you can lower the resolution and crop out unwanted frames. If you need e-commerce photo editing services, our team always provides you with professional resizing and cropping services.

What we offer:

  • Cropping unwanted portions
  • Resizing photos as per the requirement
  • Background cropping or editing
  • Object addition or Removal
  • Align all the at baseline

Model Photo Editing

Photos with models in e-commerce are not rare. Achieving the perfect looking images where models also look perfect alongside products can be difficult as it requires lots of techniques and artistic mind to get the right kind of look for the photograph. With Retouching visuals, you don’t need to worry a bit as we help you achieve perfect-looking photos. We utilize multiple techniques like skin smoothening, skin complexion improvement, wrinkles removal, face lifting, six-pack abs adding, and many more services at affordable pricing.

What we offer:

  • Model photos background removal
  • Wrinkles removal services
  • Skin smoothening
  • Complexion fixing service
  • Model photos enhancement
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Why choose Retouching visuals for e-commerce photo editing

Clothing, jewelry, cosmetic items, electronic equipment, toys, and footwear manufacturers and online sellers require professional photo editing services on a regular basis. Our photo editing services include adding white backgrounds, creating transparent backgrounds, applying natural shadows, creating a clipping path, implementing invisible mannequin effects, and importantly, playing with colors. With our photography recoloring and color matching services, online sellers will be able to reduce costs without sacrificing time. We create new photos of your same product in different colors by recoloring the process. We can offer edited product photos based on your desired look of texture, fabric, and pattern. Contact now to experience the difference in your e-commerce photos editing.

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