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Stock Photo Editing Services

The term “stock photo” refers to an image that can be licensed for creative use. The benefit of using stock photos is that they are a great way to save on cost and make your projects much more creative. A vast number of websites are devoted to providing and creating stock photographs These photos can be purchased and downloaded right away online, which in many cases eliminates the need for professional photographers. At the same time, loads of businesses may be using the same stock photo on their websites all over the world.  Using it might not reflect the professional image you desire for your business. We provide our clients with stock photo retouching services to solve the problem of stock photos that are sometimes over-produced over-used and need editing. Retouching visuals to offer the option of creating unique & better images from existing stock images so that you can reuse the image multiple times without the photos looking the same.

What We Do –

  • Photo retouching for stock photos
  • Background Removal/addition for stock photo
  • Photo/ Logo/Trademark removal for stock photo
  • Color correction for stock photo

Stock Photo Image Enhancement Service

Stock photo retouching helps with the overall image editing of stock photos, leading to more desirable and stunning photos. Whether color seems dull to you, or the brightness or you don’t like the sharpness, our stock photo enhancement services Having worked with clients worldwide for over a decade, we have built unique experiences for each client through stock photo enhancement and retouching. With the expertise in photo enhancement services, we have gained through our years of experience and on-the-job training, we can retouch photos for your website or other marketing material and make them look their best. By editing stock photo websites’ images to appear spectacular, we have helped clients increase their downloads and profits. Retouching visuals can enhance or retouch your photographs with modern software & using a professional graphic editor. We make sure that our deliveries meet your requirements and tasks are completed within an agreed-upon time.

What We Offer:

  • Color fixing for stock photos
  • Sharpness/brightness/contrast fixing
  • Reflection/shade correction
  • Clean-up and cut-out of stock photos

Stock Photo Background Replacement Service

Retouching visuals provide high-quality background replacement and stock photo cleaning services. With our background cleaning services, we can replace the background of the stock photo with another image without reducing quality. We make sure that changed backgrounds always look clean, clear, and sharp to meet your desirable standards. Our professionals provide cost-effective background editing services by separating objects in the foreground and then replacing that background with something completely different. Our team can also assist you in choosing the right images whose backgrounds differ according to the design requirements so that you can utilize stock images effectively.

What We Offer:

  • Precise cutting and replacement of background photos
  • Cleaning of stock photos/stain & blemish removal
  • Color balance, noise reduction, setting contrast
  • Object removal/addition of stock photos

Stock photo Logo / Trademark Removal

Stock photos may have logos and trademarks affixed to them, making them unsuitable for display on websites. It can become an issue as you wouldn’t like to display the trademark/logo from the stock photos on your website. Moreover, it makes stock photos look unclean and unprofessional. To get rid of this issue, our stock photo retouching services use Photoshop to remove the trademark/logo completely and give a professional and clean-looking image without any sign of spot, blemish, or distortion. Our stock photo retouching work at Retouching visuals can also take advantage of clipping paths and image masking services for stock photos to achieve the most desirable results.

What We Offer:

  • Logo/trademark removal for stock photos
  • Cleaning of stock photos to fix the issue
  • Logo / trademark addition
  • Before printing retouching services
  • Stock photos clipping path/masking

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By choosing Retouching visuals as your stock photo retouching services provider, you will receive the services of a dedicated team of professionals who have always stayed ahead of competitors. Offering 24-hour coverage, we have response times that range from 12-24 hours. With our assistance, you will be able to rise above your competitors. The work we give you is of the highest quality, and we assist you in improving your business competency. With a reputation for providing excellent services to a wide range of clients, retouching visuals are capable of fulfilling clients’ requirements well beyond what they would expect.

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