How to edit jewelry photo in photoshop

how to edit jewelry photo in photoshop

       How to edit jewelry photos using Photoshop

How to edit jewelry photo in photoshop will produce stunning results but even here one needs experience and skill to bring out the desired results. Jewelry photographs need a lot of precision while performing photo editing on them because as an advertiser one can’t allow any kind of blemish on jewelry photos. Your targeted audience will look at the jewelry photos if the photos do not show sparkle, polish, colors, and details perfectly, you are likely to lose customers. Especially it is true in the case o diamond and high-end jewelry. A question arises now about how to make your jewelry photos stand out from the crowd and make them look as good as possible.

The best way to make jewelry photos look at their finest is to choose and use Adobe Photoshop for jewelry photo editing. It is widely regarded as the best software for photo editing. Particularly for e-commerce, it is nothing less than a boon. Now coming how to edit jewelry photo in photoshop, there are several ways one can perform it. However, it has an artistic side to it, and performing the retouching on ornaments can boil down to the personal skills of an individual as well. In this blog, we will discuss some basic steps you can use to retouch and edit your jewelry photos

Steps to go about How to edit jewelry photo in photoshop:

Make adjustments to the image’s color balance:

Using color balance Photoshop is useful when editing jewelry photos. It makes them look more attractive. You can choose which color should appear in the image’s background or as a highlight.

  1. Start by opening the editing software and importing the image.
  2. Next, choose Image > Settings > Color Balance.
  3. Then, using the sliders in the box, pick which colors you like best and select OK.

Contrast and brightness adjustments:

With this configuration, you can easily improve your pictures. When it comes to adjusting brightness and contrast, Photoshop does an excellent job.:

  1. Open the image in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Select Brightness/Contrast from the Adjustment Layer menu.
  3. Your brightness and contrast should be set to your preference. Click OK to save the changes.

It is also possible to create and work beneath the adjustment layer. By double-clicking half the round of the palette, you can adjust the brightness and contrast.

How to create natural shadow effects:

The natural shadow effect is essential to every gold jewelry retouching Photoshop tutorial. This enhancement is necessary to produce an excellent result. An unwanted object may annoy you. When working with the various shadow effects, it is important to give them a personal touch. Making these effects look more realistic can lead to increased sales. These effects give a greater sense of depth to the subject. They are attractive to shoppers because of the shadow effects. Photo editors create the effects that consumers want. 

how to edit jewelry photo in photoshop

Background removal using Pen tool:

It is an excellent utility tool to edit or remove the background. With the clipping path tool (Pen tool), we can remove the background from a product image. However, the subject remains intact. . Photographs edited with the help of Photoshop clipping look great and professional.

From the toolbar, choose the ‘ Pen Tool’, then import the image into Photoshop.

  1. To accomplish the same using a keyboard shortcut, press ‘P’
  2. Select ‘Path1’ as the first path
  3. Drawing a clipping path around the object is necessary
  4. To create a path, select Ctrl and click on it
  5. You can remove the background by pressing Q

Getting rid of unwanted spots and dust:

An important part of photo enhancement services is removing unwanted spots. Clear and impressive visuals are extremely important when it comes to rendering jewelry. DSLR camera always picks up the tiniest details on the product. Even a minor smudge on the jewelry photo can prove to be a difficult challenge.  

. You can edit product photos to remove unwanted blemishes, dust, and spots. You can use Adobe Photoshop’s Spot Healing Brush tool, the clone stamping tool, and the healing brush tool for this.

Why hire Retouching Visuals:

The art of photo editing has an artistic side to it along with technical expertise. If you are running an e-e-commerce platform selling jewelry, then you have no choice but to hire professionals. 

A professional in the field of editing jewelry images ensures that brilliant and polished images get created, reflections and shadows add personality to the image, and perfect removal of the dust and spots happen. A jewelry photo editing can make any ring, earring set, necklace, bangle, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry look more tempting and alluring.

In the last 10 years, Retouching Visuals has provided custom photo editing services for jewelry. Our editors can make a quick improvement to your photos. . The editors on our platform can make a quick improvement to your photos. Let us help you with jewelry photo upgrades seamlessly. Get in touch with us to upgrade your jewelry photos. You should seek out a professional photo editing company if you want excellent results. Here at our company, we can provide the best jewelry retouching services.


How to remove the background in Photoshop

remove background in photoshop

How to remove the background in Photoshop

Photography of your products is a highly effective marketing tool. This is one of the important factors that gets overlooked, but it can get you the right customers. When you put out a great photograph, it creates a deep impact on the viewer and naturally motivates them to buy. Specifically for the real estate sector, the impact of remove background in photoshop can prove to be significant.

Photo editing services such as background removal allow the editor to get rid of the unwanted background and replace it with another image or photograph that is appropriate to meet the needs of the clients or customers. Due to technological advancements in photography, as well as the way businesses market their products, background removal services are now the most demanded photo editing service.

background removal in photoshop

Even though background removal appears to be straightforward, it is a complex process that takes considerable time, technology, and resources by the editors. The following reasons demonstrate why background removal services are so important in photography.

  Why background removal is important: 

  • Creation of visual Impact

As studies show that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read, the power of the photo is immense in creating an impact on their minds. If your images are exceptional, you’ll make sales. In photographs, backgrounds play an important role in creating a contrast which can play a huge role in keeping the customer focused on the product. The removal of background from an image can greatly enhance its quality.

An image’s usability. Getting rid of an image’s unwanted background can make it look much better. Photographs with a neutral background look better when you use them to market a product online because a neutral background looks the best. 

  • Point of focus

An image with a significantly dominant background distracts the viewer’s attention. As a result, the picture loses its ability to captivate the onlooker. When you remove the background and adjust it to the desired subject, you can bring the focus back to it. The photos will not only look better but will also be more informative.

  • Getting rid of unwanted items or objects:

Unwanted objects or items might enter the frame accidentally when photographers click the photo. These objects or items might not be consistent with the intended look that you wanted. However, background removal can help in this situation. This is why it is necessary to remove the background when editing an image.

  • Make images appealing by adding elements:

It is sometimes possible to make an image stand out by adding an element. This can dramatically change the impact of the image. A background removal service can accomplish this. With it, you can add additional elements and features to your images, so that they possess the intended appearance.

How to remove background using Photoshop :

With Photoshop, photo editors can perform clean and beautiful edits. Follow this simple guide on how to remove a background from a photo using Photoshop!

Beginners will find this Photoshop step very helpful. To remove the background from our sample image, we’ll use the Select and Mask Workspace. Here’s how to do it in Photoshop!

background removal in photoshop

  • Access the select and mask workspace

You can select and mask by clicking Select > Select and Mask. After this, you will have access to all of your selection options.

  • Choose the foreground

You can use the Quick Selection Tool or the Select Subject to choose the foreground.

  • Fine-tune your selection

You will need to fine-tune your selection no matter how you create it. If you need to add or remove from the selection, you can use the Quick Selection Tool or Brush Tool.

  • Adjust mask edges

Once you have fine-tuned your selection, check the selection edges to ensure they are right. Use the Smooth, Contrast, and Shift Edge sliders in the Global Refinement options to improve your mask edge.

  1. Layer mask

Select Layer Mask from the “Output To” dropdown menu after refining your selection.

  1. Add a new background

You should now be able to see your image without the background! Adding a solid color background or adding another image as a background is the next step.

Different ways to perform background removal:

You have many options to choose from when it comes to removing a background. Here are a few of the most popular techniques for removing backgrounds.

  • Image Clipping Path:

When the product in focus has straight or sharp edges, the image clipping path technique does a great image. Photoshop’s Pen Tool allows you to draw a clipping path around the subject. The next step is to highlight the edges of the path. Make sure that the product is completely enclosed by the path when using the clipping path.

  1. Image Cut-out::

An image cut-out is a pretty straightforward process. This involves cutting out the product’s image and removing the background. If you want your image to look more professional, you can add a white background as well by using this Photoshop method.

  1. Image Masking:

It can be challenging to clip fine edges from the product’s image. However, image masking is useful in such scenarios. Image masking has multiple types of forms such as layer masking, alpha channel masking, transparent image masking, transparency masking, and masking of collage. There are several tools in Photoshop that can assist with this process, such as the Magic Eraser Tool, the Pen Tablet, and the Background Eraser Tool to help.

background removal in photoshop

Why you need professional service for background removal:

The above techniques can prove to be tricky when it comes to achieving the desired results. It takes practice and experience to produce stunning results. Businesses can have deadlines, budget issues, and images in bulk that can create huge issues. Here, hiring third-party outsourcing services for background removal photo editing can prove to be useful. One such great option is Retouching Visuals which has several years of experience and a team of professionals that never falter. It also offers a free trial and pricing is more competitive than any other option.

Benefits of retouching in E-commerce photography: How post-production Retouching drives your sales

Benefits of retouching in E-commerce photography

It is super important to Retouching e-commerce images after they have been clicked at different layers to make them appealing to your target audience. Product photography is an expensive business. The cost of equipment, tools, hiring of professionals, and other expenses drive the cost very high. But the use of product photo retouching can bring down the cost to some extent. You can bring out all the effects in your photographs that you want without clicking the photo again.

The main goal of retouching is not to fix an image; it’s to put a product or brand in the best light possible. You can take your current business to the next level with the assistance of high-end retouching services without having to spend a significant amount of money.  Impressive product images lead to an increase in sales. Integrating product retouching into your workflow doesn’t add cost rather drives costs down while booming the productivity of a photo studio. How can outsourcing be so cost-efficient? Following are a few reasons why outsourcing is a good idea.

ecommerce photo editing

How does photo retouching help in the e-commerce business?

· Recoloring of Products

Post-production services enable you to show products in all colors without taking photos of the same products in different colors. It is time-saving. Using an outsourcing agency means your products will be online faster and more cost-efficiently since they will have an extremely efficient recoloring workflow. 

· Color correction:

Studio lights often produce images that are inconsistent with their original color. You can accurately correct the color of your product when it is taken with camera settings, lighting, or environmental factors in mind.

· Ghost mannequins instead of models

Models are expensive and mannequins are not attractive. Ghost mannequin helps in this situation It appears as if someone else is wearing a garment because of the ghost mannequin effect. Using this technique, garments appear to be three-dimensional, portraying perfect fit, shape, and details of your apparel product/

· Perfect images every time

Is there a mistake in the final photo clicked by you? Relax! You don’t need to reshoot it. Just apply updates at post-production services, and outsourcing photo editing services will take care of the rest.

· Overhead savings

Up to 50% saving is achievable by outsourcing your product images, by jumping over all technology obstacles, in-house setup costs, and employee compensation. With outsourcing, you don’t have to sign a long-term contract, which makes it much easier for you to set it up according to your needs and save money.

· Trust in Ecommerce Increases with quality Photos

Building trust is crucial to online purchases and sales. Without it, a consumer will not spend their hard-earned money on a product from an unknown seller.

How do product images affect the trustworthiness of a brand? The answer is a display of quality through images. When customers see images of top quality, they help judge the quality if the product from the image. it means businessmen can entice a higher number of customers to their site.

· Build a bond with customers:

When you post photos with certain types of themes and colors, they can help you build a certain bond that helps you build brand loyalty with your customers. Customers can identify your brand’s photo straightaway.

· Boost your CTR

The call to action is a very important part of driving sales high. Viewers scroll through their Instagram feed or on the internet and their fingers freeze as they see a neat image of the product. A few words of product title and description, along with a price, are all a customer can see in the relatively new Google Shopping ads. This is why photos are very important. They attract customers to call to action buttons.

· Decreased bounce rate

In most cases, we can agree that a website with a high bounce rate is not an ideal situation. Keeping website visitors on it and hopefully converting them into customers is the main goal of any website. Photo editing can help you accomplish this.

Your visitors’ experience with your store will improve if rich media is incorporated into your posts since updated pictures increase the number of visitors and stop people from leaving your site. It builds engagement.

· Save on production and other charges:

Editing your photos can help you save money in many ways. For example, you can create a scene without having to go back to the site and click photos again. Everything is possible with photo editing, whether you want to change the background, add people, add a blue sky, or remove an unwanted object. You can make models look young, slimmer, or retouch their photos in multiple ways.  You can create multiple types of photos from a single photo. Thus, you save time, money, and resources by adopting post-production photo editing and retouching.

Why is outsourcing the way to go?

The quality of photos is not a matter that should see any type of neglect or compromise. Photographs in e-commerce need professional hands, therefore, outsourcing is the best way to meet the requirements. Especially if you happen to have an e-commerce site. Professional hands make the quality of your photos stand out and help you grow your business.

Retouching visuals is one of the best options to make your online e-commerce photos edit and retouch. Years of experience, skilled professionals, and reasonable pricing along with assured privacy of your photographs are some of the advantages of choosing Retouching Visuals. You can place a bulk order and even request a free trial. Contact for more details and experience the fantastic photo retouching solutions.


The benefits of outsourcing jewelry image editing services

jewelry image editing

      Benefits of jewelry image editing services

No matter what type of advertisement you choose, the quality of the image is vital. Without writing a single word, an image can capture the attention of potential buyers and help them understand the product. Since buyers can see the photograph from a close distance and form an opinion about the product almost immediately, the photograph is nearly crucial online. The rule applies to everything, but when it comes to jewelry, it is particularly important that the jewelry photos stand out from the crowd. This is why jewelry image editing is so important for businesses.

Why do you need jewelry photo editing?

By 2025, jewelry is expected to be worth $292 billion globally. The internet is filled with pictures of all types of jewelry including necklaces, rings, diamond rings, and bracelets, etc. Online shops, e-commerce sites selling jewelry, or sites dedicated solely to jewelry products are in demand everywhere. Your photograph must, however, be clear, clean, free of unwanted objects, and with an appropriate background. For jewelry products, there are certain effects one needs to add to make them look smooth, enhance the polish, as well as improve clarity for online and offline viewing. Due to these factors, professional photo editing services and jewelry editing services are in demand worldwide. Furthermore, the competition is stiff everywhere, so you have all the more reason to make sure that you don’t lag behind when it comes to the quality of the photos you present to potential customers.

Why outsource jewelry image retouching and editing services?

As mentioned before, there is very stiff competition online, so every step of your product marketing and selling cycle should be top-notch. It includes jewelry photos as well. Even if you are a small site and you have a requirement only for a few photographs you must not compromise on the quality of jewelry images. Furthermore, if you are in the business of retouching and editing photographs, you cannot compromise on quality if you have a huge number of them.

Getting help from a professional is the most effective course of action in both cases. Even if you use a high-end camera, there will be some issues with the picture such as the background, unwanted objects, and poor lighting, etc. Whatever way you look at it, you should hire the best jewelry image editing services, and outsourcing will provide several benefits.

jewelry retouching

  • Availability of excellent photos enhancement solutions:

The need for offshore photo enhancement is even greater when it comes to jewelry photos. There are a number of techniques off-shore services use to make your image stand out, including color adjustment, saturation, and brightness control. Among the other services, you can get from professional photo editing services are cropping a photo, E-Commerce photo retouching, density correction in jewelry photographs, and so on.

  • You get services through the most competent professionals

The process of photo editing may take you longer than you expect. A professional photography agency can help you save time so that you can do other things. When you outsource, you won’t have to worry about guidelines, as the company will do tasks on your behalf. 

  • Don’t need to click multiple photos

In case a product is available in several colors, you won’t have to take multiple photographs of the product if you have access to professional services. A third possibility is taking the picture in the evening or at night and then you would like it to appear as if it were captured at another time. It is not necessary for you to take multiple photographs as an outsourcing agency will make multiple copies of the photographs in different colors as required. In the case of photographing jewelry that is available both in gold and silver, but you have a photo of either gold or silver ornament, a professional photographic editing service can change the color of the photograph to make it appear as either gold or silver.

  • Save on costs

This is the biggest advantage of hiring an outsourcing company. Most of these companies are situated in locations like India, the Philippines and Bangladesh, etc. There are professional photography editing services available for much less than what you would have to pay a specialized company in the USA. Additionally, the level of skill and the availability of resources are excellent with these services. You do not need to spend on infrastructure, software, or to hire someone full-time. Therefore you will save cos while getting the most desirable results

  • Show off your jewelry in the best possible way

There is no doubt that the jewelry business is an expensive one. Even small pieces of jewelry made from diamonds can cost a fortune. Since the products are so expensive the clients are also bound to be high-end. You will not be able to get orders from high-end clients if your photographs do not look better than the competition. It is very important to show the shine and precision of the diamond in the photo itself, and any reflection of light is very important. Even a five percent or ten percent difference in the quality of the photograph can cost you the client. It is important not to overlook the quality of images.

  • Background removal or editing

A photograph’s background is crucial since it helps the prospective buyer focus on the object alone, otherwise, the buyer won’t become a customer. The use of a certain background is an agreed-upon rule when posting photos of products online. It might be necessary to show the photo with a white background or in other colors, depending on the requirement. You might have some unwanted objects in the background as well that can become a distraction. Professional agencies provide background removal and background editing services. They also remove unwanted objects as well.


You should consider using the services of a professional jewelry photo editing and retouching service if you rely on showing jewelry photos to your prospects. Retouching Visuals offers all of these services and has over a decade of experience to make your jewelry images stand out. We assist clients from the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Europe, and literally all over the world. Email or call now to learn more.  


Digital Photo Background Removal Technique

        Photo Background Removal Technique

Photo Background Removal Technique is a modern technique in the automotive industry. It lets car dealers show their cars with desired background. We know the world of the second car is very competitive and especially in second-hand cars and used cars. At the same time, photograph quality is one of the most crucial aspects to promote the business of second-hand cars.  Most online buyers make up their minds after looking at the photo of a second-hand car. They judge the quality of your vehicle on display for sale just by looking at images. As a car seller, you cannot let your prospect’s focus divert.

But what are the ways to do it? How to make sure that your prospective buyers do not get diverted to your competition? These questions have a solution. You can solve this issue by adopting a digital car backgrounding technique.

Advantages of digital Photo backgrounds in car images:

When you use different Photo backgrounds with your used car images, you display your car photo in a new perspective. Your prospective customer can view himself/herself driving the car in a unique atmosphere.

  • You can give a new look to your car and display your vehicle features from a different angle.

  • As an online seller, you can create new and enticing click-bait images

  • You can bring forward the features, logo, and characteristics of the vehicle in a better way.

  • You don’t need to take photos of your vehicle at different locations as one photo will work for you. You just need to change the background with a new digital background.

  • You can build engagement from your targeted audience via digital backgrounds in automotive.

  • It can help you sustain profitability and defeat competition.

  • Make your brand more modern and likable.

  • What an ideal background should look like for a used car image :

You must be wondering about the expected quality that you need in digital backgrounds. A few of the  expected characteristics are:

  1. Background should look realistic.

  2. Photograph of the used car shouldn’t look over-edited

  3. Ideally it shouldn’t be a copy of your competition

  4. Background should not become the focus of the second car image. The focus should remain on the vehicle on display.

  5. Colors should look good, brought and real.

  6. Not all pictures of the same vehicle should look similar

  7. If you have some written content to display, that background should complement it.

  8. Photos pixel quality should not degrade

  9. Logo and brand name should be clear.

  10. Professional hands always do a better job.

Second-hand car image editing – why outsource it?

You must have understood that placing a digital background in automotive is an important task. If a professional doesn’t a do it, you will not be able to entice buyers via second-hand car buyers. Another factor to consider is the number of images. If you are running a  medium or Photo Editing Service used car online selling business, you could be having the bulk of images. Doing it within your border may prove to be costly. The guarantee of the quality is not certain as well. Keeping all these factors in view, outsourcing your business to a professional used car image editing service is a good option. Several outsourcing companies are very competent.  They have human and technological resources to complete bulk used car editing tasks.

Car Background Removal

Why choose Retouching Visuals for digital back ground for used car?

If you are needing a company you can rely on to provide you with high-quality image editing, you can certainly trust Retouching Visuals. With us you get:

  1. Most affordable used car image editing and digital background in automotive as well.

  2. Assured privacy and security of your images

  3. Easy way to upload and download images

  4. Monthly billing for regular clients

  5. Global services that are available 24*7

  6. Free trial and exceptional customer service.

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