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Image Background Removal Services

Do you want the background of your photos to be changed or removed? Have you noticed dark spots and blemishes in the background of your photos? Are you looking to change your photos’ background color or do you want to change the location of the background? If you need the same, The Retouching visual is ideal for you.

Providing professional background removal services for over 12 years, Retouching Visuals excels in the area of image background removal. As part of our image transformation service, our teams of professional photo editors remove or alter the backgrounds of a variety of photos. This prepares them for further image editing, if necessary.

What we do:

  • Removing Objects and People from a Background
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Product background removal
  • Remove background from image
  • Low Cost Guaranteed
  • Monthly Billing
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Photo Background Removal Services

Retouching visuals offer high-quality photo background removal services for all types of images. The background is the most important part of the whole photograph. If you are not finding the perfect background as per your desire it can be removed by professionals. The task of removing the background is not easy since you need quality software and well-trained professionals to do it perfectly as per your needs. You might need to use a white background along with your products when putting up photographs of the products online in the e-commerce industry. There are certain standards that online sites need to maintain and one of them is to have the appropriate background for your product photo. High-quality background removal services are our specialty at Retouching Visuals.

Our exclusive team at Retouching visuals can provide affordable background removal services for any number of images to any number of individuals or companies. Fast turnaround times and expert service make us one of the most sought-after companies today.


What we offer:

  • Photo background fixing
  • Cut-out backgrounds
  • Background color editing
  • 3D depth and reflection effects
  • Recoloring/ overall enhancement services

Add Drop shadow / Reflection

A background alone isn’t the only thing that will attract a target audience. To give your photograph a unique appearance, you can use reflection and shadow effects that look great on consumers’ screens. Professional editors can make your photo have a 3D effect. Retouching visuals provide flawless, shadow and reflection effect services at a very reasonable price. These effects will make your audience pay more attention to your images. Furthermore, reflections and shadow effects can make your photographs appear more natural and less artificial. A shadow and reflection effect can be added not only to the product but also to the background, helping you to attract a new audience. They help you display products more effectively.

What we offer:

  • Flawless add shadow effect
  • Perfect reflection effect for product
  • 3D looks like effect creation
  • Remove bg
  • 360-degree photos editing
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Photo Background Replacement

Giving a photograph a perfect look is always a challenging task. The work of the photo editor does not end with the removal of the background. The background must be replaced with a perfect replacement that can be seamlessly integrated into the photos. Bringing out the desired result in the perfect condition takes a lot of talent, artistic mind, and training with the software.

We provide state-of-the-art image background replacement for all types of images at Retouching visuals. In order to remove and replace background images, we have trained professionals working on modern software.

What we offer:

  • Integration of new backgrounds with photos
  • Removal of the unwanted object from photos
  • Depth effect services
  • Make background transparent
  • Background color enhancement services
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Reason To choose Retouching visuals For Background Removal Services:

There are several reasons for choosing Retouching visuals as your photo editing outsourcing provider. These include our experienced professionals, use of high-tech software, and professionalism which is unparalleled. With us, you will be able to access high-quality customer service 24-7 so you can have all the questions answered with dedication. You can depend on us to complete bulk orders in a short period of time for all types of Background removal photo editing without error. Contact our professionals to find out more about our services and how we can improve your precious photos before you put them out to the public.

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