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Data Annotation and Object Recognition Services

Computer vision models require labeling images by text because labeling training data is the first step in the machine learning cycle under Computer Vision. Computers and machines use Image annotated Data to identify objects through outlined boxes and dimension descriptions to analyze similar things in the future. It also makes use of image labeling and data annotation.

The process of Data Annotation, which may involve human power and computer assistance, requires a good deal of work. However, this is essential for creating computer vision models for tasks like image segmentation, object detection, and image classification.

Image Annotation and Object Recognition Services at Most Affordable Prices

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Image Annotation and Object Recognition Services for ML and AI Companies:

At Retouching Visuals, we use various components of image annotation services like 2d bounding boxes, 3d cuboids, polygons, Object Recognition,  etc., to provide you with a comprehensive set of solutions. Retouching Visuals ensures reasonable pricing for its services as an image annotation outsourcing company. In addition, we give the facility to test our services with a free trial.

We Offer Object Recognition and Image Annotation Services

2D bounding boxes and image Annotation

It assists the training of AI and machine learning models through precise object detection through computer vision. 2D bounding box annotation helps in various fields such as self-driving vehicles, e-commerce, insurance claims evaluation, etc. In these industries, accurate detection of surroundings consisting of actual humans, animals, buildings, roads, turns, potholes, etc., is essential. The use case also helps drones, the medical field, robotics, and much more.

What We Offer:

  • 2D Box for Object Detection for Self-driving Cars

  • 2D box for Image labeling for Ecommerce and Retail

  • 2D box for Damage Detection for Insurance Claims

  • Image Labelling Services

  • 2D box Data Annotation by Retouching Visuals

3D cuboids Data Annotation

When you want a computer vision to have a better perception of the surrounding that includes depth, 3D cuboids data annotation comes in handy for this. For example, you would want a self-driving car to gauge the distance from other vehicles. You may wish robots to work without interference in a factory by better recognizing surroundings. It makes use of 3D cuboid photos and videos and builds on that. Retouching Visuals offers 3D cuboid image annotation services that provide advanced-level accuracy and ease of use, providing ground truth datasets for standardized objects.

Computer vision experts use rectangular boxes to depict objects and train datasets in the machine learning process, allowing the algorithms to identify and localize objects from annotated images. Bounding box’s simplicity is precisely its strength, making it an ideal method for annotating images.

What We Offer:

  • 3D Box for Object Detection for Self-driving Cars

  • 3D box for Image Tagging for Ecommerce and Retail

  •  3D Point Cloud Annotation for LiDARs

  •  3D box Data Annotation by Retouching Visuals

  • LiDARs Point Cloud Annotation Detecting Lane

Object recognition and image classification services for AI and ML

In AI, object recognition identifies the most prominent objects (e.g., people or things) within a digital image or video using computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning models. It has been instrumental in building next-generation image and video processing systems. AI and computer vision also include image recognition, a method of identifying objects‘ high-level content. One crucial difference between these two is the training of recognition datasets. The object recognition dataset bundles a list of objects and their locations with an image or video. The object recognition datasets combine photos and videos with their high-level descriptions.

With the help of these techniques, machines can recognize and identify real-world objects and environments by utilizing digital images as inputs. As a result, a wide range of industries has incorporated computer vision methods, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, to name a few.

What We Offer

  • Detect Object for Self Driven Cars

  • Object Recognition Service Self Driven Cars

  • Detecting Object in Image and Video for Self Driven Cars

  • Object Recognition Service by Retouching Visuals

Point and Landmark Recognition

Computer vision utilizes new age technology to understand the expressions and gestures of faces and even recognize human and animal postures. Mostly computer vision uses it to detect the shape of different-sized faces with greater accuracy. The method places key points at specific locations to determine the exact characteristics or attributes of a target area to assist gesture recognition applications. Annotating landmarks with an expert’s eye provides valuable training via data annotation for computer vision models.

Lines and Splines Recognition Service

With the lines and splines annotation, each pixel on an image enables a  computer vision to identify and detect lines and splines. For example, an autonomous vehicle using trained computer vision can recognize street lanes, road markings, directions, divergence, and traffic. By partnering with Retouching Visuals, you’ll be able to access the quality machine learning data for autonomous vehicles. In addition, we give the facility for Free Trial to test our quality.

What We Offer

  • Lines Recognition Service for Self Driven Cars

  • Direction Recognition Service for Self-driven Cars

  • Road Marking Recognition Service

  • Lines recognition service by Retouching Visuals

Polygon Image Annotation Service

In your computer visualization, you may want it to respond to objects of any shape, no matter how structured or unstructured they are. Polygons annotation can serve as an excellent tool since they can annotate any object’s edge, regardless of shape. There are multiple advantages of such capabilities like computer vision that has a  functionality to identify asymmetrical objects such as road blockades, trees, plants, potholes, and other things that are instant in either video or images.

What We Offer:

  • Spot Polygonal Shapes for AI and ML

  • Semantic Segmentation for Computer Vision

  • Objects Localization for Aerial View Imagery

  • Polygon Image Annotation Service by Retouching Visuals


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